coty fume scent lounge

client: coty

type: luxury retail

pilot concept: yorkdale shopping centre - toronto, canada

Coty Fume Scent Lounge twisting canopy in Yorkdale Shopping Centre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coty Fume Scent Lounge Fragrance Center

rollout: hudson's bay - montreal, canada

Coty Fume Scent Lounge twisting canopy at Hudson's Bay - luxury reatil design in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Winner of 9 international design awards including the Shop! 2018 Shop in Store & Fixture of the Year, and the Muse: Platinum Award for Retail Design.


The Fūme Scent Lounge was conceived as a global concept pilot project; a first of its kind boutique that reinvents the way men & women shop for perfume.

The Lounge was about creating a completely fresh, new and dynamic experience that attracted millennials, stimulated all the senses, offered a digital and interactive experience, raising the boutique lounge to a level of art. The design reveals an exploration of the fractal movement of mists of perfume. The ribbon canopy twists & spirals as it rises from the floor and swirls high above, around the perimeter of the lounge.

The fragrance counter had to play as well. No longer a square place to feature product and spray clients, it became a curving, dynamic place of journey and discovery where clients would, through digital engagement with the interactive screens intuitively discover what perfume they are most passionate about. After discovering your perfume persona, patrons politely sample perfume scents through the discreet non-spray inhalers, which allows one to smell the fragrance without a tester or being sprayed physically.

A series of 10’ tall black digital towers create a virtual backdrop to the lounge. The towers present each fragrance, allowing for a single brand experience or full digital concert of images & videos. Images dance across the backdrop, coming in & out of focus like a fine mist. As you move through the fume scent lounge, discover your fragrance persona, test & play, you can feel the momentarily fleeting, sensual, non-linear movement of a spray of perfume.

The first Fume Scent Lounge opened in 2017 at the Hudson's Bay store in Yorkdale Shopping Center, followed by Version 2 in 2019 at The Bay in Montreal, Quebec.

fume scent lounge - pilot concept

yorkdale shopping centre (toronto, ontario)