White Box InStarAGF Office Entrance
White Box InstarAGF Office
 White Box InstarAGF Office
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white box instarAGF

client: instarAGF

location: toronto dominion centre (TD) - toronto, canada

type: corporate interior design

The office is located in one of the venerable iconic black steel towers designed by Mies Van De Rohe as part of his vision for the TD Center in downtown Toronto in the 1960‘s.

InstarAGF is the young infrastructure investment arm of AGF financial advisors. Their new office is located on the 34th floor of one of the Mies Towers. Surrounded by a Miesian sea of pristine black steel and glass, the concept was to create a dynamic, bright intervention; a white glowing box unlike any in the suite of surrounding black towers. This was in response to the progressive, energetic, and venturous culture we discovered at InstarAGF.

To create the glowing white box, all the main office surfaces were designed in white, oftentimes highly reflective finishes. Exiting the lift lobby, the front entrance greets visitors with white Statuario marble floors and feature walls, as well as a wall of polished white Venetian plaster for future artwork display. The main office flooring is made entirely of high gloss white epoxy flooring that reflects light and brings reflections of the outside skies and skyline deep into the office. At night, the office gives off a white glow.

The office was based on an open plan, but elements such as the new white ceiling grid, and building core wrapping offices tied rigorously into the Miesian structural and window grids. A wide plank 360 degree walnut sleeve-like enclosure in the board room is the only material that goes off white palette grid and offers relief to the otherwise relentless white box concept. A few other exceptions include the suite of CEO office custom designed furniture that feature a desk, credenza and coffee table. These pieces were designed and custom built in bronze, with white Calacatta marble tops and accents.