The Boxes Sales Center
The Boxes Kitchen and Bathroom Display
The Boxes Cafe
The Boxes Cafe Lounge
The Boxes Entrance


Client: The Boxes

Location: Toronto, ON

Type: Mixed Use

The Central Park Development is the first and largest high-rise development of its kind in the City of Ajax. The project aims to revitalize and re-conceptualize the up-and-coming Region of Durham in east GTA by creating a mixed-use masterplan with a plethora of amenity infrastructure including shopping, bars and restaurants, entertainment, and mid-rise residential towers downtown. It is the vision of the project to act as a catalyst in the building of a central, vibrant, and dynamic heart of the city.


The Sales Centre is the marketing hub for the first condo development in the downtown master plan. As such, the design of the Sales Centre takes cues from the central aspirations of the development to create a dynamic space of re-direction, re-framing, and rejuvenation.


The strategy for the design “parti” was to create a series of glass and drywall boxes that were to act as both displays for the condo units, and passage through the space. The sales centre itself becomes at once a place of exhibition as well as threshold in the movement towards the downtown vision.