Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada



Situated the along the beautiful Sunshine Coast, amidst a powerful landscape of rising cliffs, windswept cedars and undulations of oceanic tides, the proposed house is lightly perched between a steep rock face and the Secret Cove. The natural features acts as constraints reducing the buildable area of the site to a sliver. This drives the ‘parti’ of the building to take form of a long spine stretched across the site with appended rooms and spaces, revealing or concealing views of the ocean and rock as the site unfolds. Above, a long clerestory roof stretches virtually across the entire length of the house and fills the central space with light filtered through the surrounding cedar forest. The corridor flows seamlessly from the entrance porch, through the varied and light-dappled interior spaces, and sinks into the family room spilling onto the deck, overlooking the ocean inlet.


Glass and timber elements slip in between the projecting planes of the ground and roof, reflecting a strong horizontality of the surrounding water. A poured-in-place concrete wall anchors the project to the east while remainder of the living spaces dematerialize into large glazed expanses that open to the surrounding inlet.


Key rooms such as the Master Bedroom and Guest Rooms articulated as cedar boxes anchored by the central spine, strengthen the main theme of the house. The master bedroom floats above the dining room as if suspended in space.


Due to the remoteness of the location, the building will be pre-fabricated. In-floor radiant will be the sole heating source along with a suspended eyeball wood burning stove in the family room. Cooling is provided through natural ventilation, with operable windows on the ground and clerestory. Energy efficient lighting, appliances and fixtures will be used throughout the house.