About us

dkstudio architects inc. is a premier international design atelier founded In 2007 by principals Dmytriy Pereklita and Karen Mak with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Hong Kong.

Built on a distinguished portfolio of luxury retail projects, the firm’s ability to collaborate with a wide spectrum of professionals and trades allows for holistic delivery of comprehensive projects that balance design, budget, and execution through every stage of the architectural process.

In the residential, corporate, and masterplanning sectors of the office, an invigorating approach is taken towards the adaptation of new technology to create rich and thoughtful projects through an economy of means. Taken in stride with the speed and complexity of contemporary life, dkstudio continues to seek the dynamic synergy between the time-honoured tradition of fine craftsmanship and a passion for the ever-changing flux of architecture and technology in the 21st century.

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