White box featured on e-architect

January 2021

InstarAGF is the young infrastructure investment arm of AGF financial advisors. Their new office, White Box, is located on the 34th floor of the venerable iconic black steel towers designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. In this Miesian sea of pristine black steel and glass, the concept was to create a dynamic, bright intervention, a white glowing box unlike any in the surrounding black towers. This was a response to the progressive, energetic, and venturous culture we discovered at InstarAGF.

White box featured in Phaidon: The World's Best Architecture

dkstudio wins 9 international design awards for Fūme Scent Lounge

September 2019

Winner of 9 international design awards including the Shop! 2018 Shop in Store & Fixture of the Year, and the Muse: Platinum Award for Retail Design, the Fūme Scent Lounge was conceived as a global concept pilot project; a first of its kind boutique that reinvents the way men & women shop for perfume.