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coty fume scent lounge

client: coty

type: luxury retail

pilot concept: yorkdale shopping centre - toronto, ontario

Coty Fume Scent Lounge twisting canopy in Yorkdale Shopping Centre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coty Fume Scent Lounge Fragrance Center

rollout: hudson's bay - montreal, quebec

Coty Fume Scent Lounge twisting canopy at Hudson's Bay - luxury reatil design in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Coty Fume Scent Lounge twisting canopy at Hudson's Bay - luxury reatil design in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Winner of 9 international design awards including the Shop! 2018 Shop in Store & Fixture of the Year, and the Muse: Platinum Award for Retail Design.


The Fūme Scent lounge was conceived as a global concept pilot project; a first of its kind boutique that reinvents the way men & women shop for perfume.

The lounge was about creating a completely fresh, dynamic and multi-sensory experience that raised the perfume lounge to a level of art. The lounge was also about reaching millennials who have their own unique shopping habits that are more about shopping as an experience, rather than a way of simply buying things. The design became about creating a memorable, entertaining, engaging and interactive experience that defined a journey of fragrance discovery.

The design of the Fūme Scent lounge reveals an exploration of the fractal movement of mists of perfume. A white ribbon canopy twists & spirals as it rises from the floor and swirls high above, circling around the perimeter of the lounge.

The fragrance bar was the central part of the journey and had to play as well. No longer a square counter to feature product and spray clients, it is a curving, dynamic place of discovery where lounge patrons would, through digital engagement with interactive screens discover what perfume they are most passionate about. The process starts with a digital fragrance finder on the screens that guides patrons through a process of revealing one’s fragrance persona. A group of 48 custom fragrance ‘inhalers’ flank each screen. Each ‘inhaler’ is filled with proprietary crystals infused with the fragrance of a specific perfume that allow one to smell the perfume without physical spray. Each inhaler also has its own RFID reader which activates and illuminates once a match is found on the fragrance finder. Patrons politely sample their discovered perfume via the illuminated ‘inhalers’.

A series of 10’ tall black digital towers create a virtual backdrop to the lounge. The vertical black towers stand deliberately separate from each other.  Each represents its own unique brand, but only digitally, allowing for either a single brand experience, or a full digital concert of images and videos celebrating a specific brand and perfume, be it Gucci Bloom, Miu Miu, or Marc Jacob’s latest fragrance masterpiece. The images & videos dance across this media backdrop of the lounge, coming in and out of view and focus like a fine mist.

This tied in well with the ephemerality of the concept. No physical branding whatsoever – everything is a fleeting, changing, momentary experience. And when you move around the kiosk, discover your fragrance persona, test and play, you can feel, for a few moments, the art of momentarily fleeting, sensual, non-linear movement of a spray of perfume.

The first Fūme Scent Lounge opened in 2017 at the Hudson's Bay store in Yorkdale Shopping Center, followed by Version 2 in 2019 at The Bay in Montreal, Quebec.

  • Muse Design Awards 2019 Platinum Winner

  • Retail Magazine 2019 Spectrum Award Winner

  • SEGD Finalist 2018

  • Apex Awards 2018 Gold Award for Outstanding Digital Signage

  • IDA 2018 Honorable Mention

  • Frame Awards 2018 Long List for Best Use of Digital Technology

  • Shop! 2018 Branded Shop within a Shop Gold Award, Fixture of the Year & Best Use of Technology


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