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client: co:here
location: toronto, canada
type: corporate interior design

co:here is from the AI technology industry, offering modern solutions that ‘help’ computers understand language through the use of an API. The focus of our client was to redesign their office to represent the state of the art, fast-paced technology solutions they offer. The project is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of an old brick commercial building in downtown Toronto. The interventions were strategic to highlight parts of the brick shell and upgrade areas in need of natural light and enhancement while minimizing the environmental impact of the project.

Using simple coding, the vision and company name were translated into sound waves that shape the design of the project. This direction is manifested in the shape of the design, the individual elements, and the colours and finishes. Every component has a meaning that references back to the sound wave, creating a direct link between all design elements with the client and their company.


The client strongly emphasizes inclusiveness, well-being and equal treatment and respect regardless of titles or background within their workplace, which is further reinforced through the design. An integral part of the office design was the culmination of the different departments spread all over the office space. The goal was to bring people from various teams together where they can chat as equals, whether they are junior employees or senior team members.


One of these spaces is the café area situated right in the center of the office and is the common point for all employees, visitors, and shareholders entering and leaving the building.  The café lounge creates an immersive and unique “WOW” moment with a reflective mirror ceiling made of recyclable composite aluminum panels.


A bespoke staircase sits in the heart of the office and seamless marries the two floors. Constructed entirely of perforated mesh on top of a grand reclaimed wood platform, this showpiece gives the illusion of a lightweight element  Meditation rooms and relaxation areas are designed with soothing lighting, soft furniture and carpets to make comfortable and welcome spaces.

  • REmmy Awards 2022 Short list


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