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google office bangalore

client: google

location: bangalore, india

type: corporate interior design

Google is a world leader in information technology and is the most visited website in the world. Google has wrapped the world in continuous flow of information shared by billions of people every nano second of every day. Our concept for the new offices for Google in Bangalore was the study of space and form in parallel to the continuous stream of information that is Google.

The floor plan of the office alludes to the flow of movement akin to the continuous stream of digital information. Spaces flow freely between zones, avoiding any sharp lines and angles, twisting & turning without pause. Corridors become information highways linking different functions of the office.


Visitors enter the office at the main reception area. A curved custom reception desk welcomes visitors, punctuated with the iconic Google logo in behind. Amidst a few pieces of fluid furniture, a virtual ribbon of information starts at the welcome desk and twists and floats freely around the entire office. Lined with a thin LED wire light on each end, the ribbon both guides and misdirects staff and users offering moments for chance gatherings and encounters.


Through a completely transparent wall, the cafeteria, the main public space is framed in full view. The central position of this space cannot be understated as the social and interactive heart. Full height glass curtain walls open to the greenery of the garden city, filling this hub with light & offering spectacular views beyond.


The office is peppered with nooks and crannies to escape into moments of thought “flow” as well as casual custom designed seating areas designed for impromptu meetings. This includes the Town Hall where conventional meeting spaces are replaced with fluid bench seating that accommodate free working styles and chance encounters so valued in the Google culture.

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