Mixed Use

Guam is a beautiful tropical island and tourist hot spot that is part of the Mariana chain islands of the eastern Pacific Ocean. The brief called for a 2.5 million square foot resort that included two 14 storey hotels, a 500,000 sq.ft. retail mall, and an adventure park. Located centrally on the island, but over 1km south of the coast, the orientation of the project, specifically the hotel towers was critical in terms of capturing the best views of the closest beaches to the north and west of the resort. Both hotels have rooftop gardens with pools and bars to further heighten the connection to the ocean, and offer spectacular views day and night. Large grassy garden terraces and ramps that connect to the street levels cover the vast podium on top of the retail mall, creating lovely outdoor spaces for both restaurant and cafes users and guests out for an afternoon stroll.  


Rooftop terraces on both hotels ramp down towards the ocean offering spectacular views to the Pacific, while offering pools, gardens and rooftop bars to entertain guests. 

Given the South Pacific climate of the island, the retail mall was designed around a series of exterior gardens that bring the lush tropical flora into the mall itself framed in large transparent glass volumes. Visitors are drawn towards and around the gardens and can take a break from shopping by jumping outside for a walk or seat in the lush nature outside, but framed inside the mall. 


The adventure park was centred around a large abandoned quarry that becomes a natural lake feature and focal point of the park. A sandy beach wraps the lake, and offers direct views of the multitude of activities of the park including zip lines, bungee jumps and a ropes course.