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harry rosen west edmonton mall

​client: harry rosen
location: edmonton, alberta
type: luxury retail

dkstudio architects inc. is a proud partner in this reimagining of the Harry Rosen shopping experience. The store design at West Edmonton Mall honours the 70-year legacy of this iconic Canadian menswear retailer while setting a bold vision for the future of the brand. 

Our goal was to fulfill the Rosen family vision, which extends beyond merely designing a space, but to craft an experience that seamlessly blends elegance, innovation, and exclusivity. Every detail is meticulously considered to reflect the essence of high-end fashion and to elevate the shopping experience for existing and new customers alike. The new look store pays homage to the past while celebrating the present and the future.

dkstudio is also working with the brand for their upcoming locations at Vancouver's Oakridge Park development and a new flagship store on Cumberland Street in Toronto, Each store is carefully crafted to enhance client experience and interaction, effortlessly blending sophistication with comfort. Various details draw inspiration from the art of tailoring, including a shoe wall with elaborately curved wooden shelves designed to resemble a measuring tape, and emphasizes building strong relationships between customers and their trusted advisors.

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