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loewe dallas

​client: loewe
location: dallas, texas
type: luxury retail

dkstudio was honoured to be the executive architect for the LOEWE’s first store in Dallas, Texas. Located in in Highland Park Village, this project showcases the distinctive CASA LOEWE concept envisioned by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson through a harmonious blend of art, craft, and fashion.

The 147-square-meter space is a testament to LOEWE's commitment to a finely balanced mix of heritage craft and contemporary design. Handmade blue and white enameled tiles, originating from Spain, adorn the storefront and internal walls, creating a unique tapestry of artisanal irregularities. LOEWE's signature podiums, crafted from various materials, including Viola and green Calcutta marble, add a tactile dimension to the space. Angular Utrecht chairs designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, a leather bench, and antique Spanish vessels complement the design, while handwoven Spanish rugs, designed by textile artist John Allen, contribute to the overall aesthetic.

The store serves as a curated gallery, featuring select pieces from LOEWE's anthology of art, sculpture, and craft. Notable works include Walter Price's Starry Sky (2022) and Claire Lindner's Buisson nº2, offering visitors an immersive experience in contemporary artistry.

LOEWE Highland Park Village is a testament to LOEWE's commitment to intelligent visual expression. The emphasis on considered curation and the creation of fresh dialogues between craft and creative forms marks a new chapter for the brand.

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