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louis vuitton holt renfrew vancouver men's store expansion

client: louis vuitton
location: vancouver, british columbia
type: luxury retail concession store


Following the execution of the original Louis Vuitton Men’s store on the ground floor of Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, dkstudio architects inc. was once again appointed as the executive architect for a new complete renovation. The renovation included an expansion, increased the size of the store from 930 square feet to 1870 square feet.

The store was built in two phases, starting with the expansion, then the re-construction of the original store. During the construction of the expansion, the original Louis Vuitton store was still under operation. Upon completion of the expansion, Louis Vuitton began operating the store in the expanded area while demolition and reconstruction of the original store took place. dkstudio planned a phasing strategy that allowed construction to take place without compromising store operations.

Following the Louis Vuitton store in West Edmonton mall, this store is the second Louis Vuitton store in Canada to feature a limestone cladded storefront made up of modular Louis Vuitton patterns. This presented further challenges to the store phasing, given the nature of the limestone tiles requiring careful and precise coordination to ensure an exact number of tiles would fit along the entire storefront.

The store was completed in 2020.

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