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Louis Vuitton store in Fairmont Hotel (Vancouver, BC)

louis vuitton fairmont hotel

client: louis vuitton

location: vancouver, canada

type: luxury retail

dkstudio architects inc. was appointed as the Executive Designer and Project Manager for the complete renovation of the Louis Vuitton store in the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver, one of the city’s prestigious landmark buildings. The scope of work included managing a team of consultants to successfully meet the stringent building permit requirements of the Vancouver Building By-law and Heritage Review Board. The store was designed and developed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton Paris and Louis Vuitton North America. dkstudio was also involved in lease negotiations, developing an executive strategy for the project, and preparing an elaborate 4-phase construction program to accommodate the operation of the store during construction.

While the previous store occupied the ground floor only, the new design expands the space to include a second level, feature stairs defined by integrated artwork, a customer elevator, and a piano-shaped void that creates a sense of visual expanse while simultaneously unifying the space.

The store opened in November 2010.

Louis Vuitton store in Fairmont Hotel (Vancouver, BC)
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