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origami lofts condominium and showroom

client: symmetry developments

location: toronto, canada

type: multi-unit residential / showroom

Interior and showroom design by dkstudio architects inc.

Exterior design by Teeple Architects

Origami Lofts condominium kitchen design - toronto, ontario
Origami Lofts condominium design - toronto, ontario
Origami Lofts showroom kitchen design - toronto, ontario, canada
Origami Lofts showroom kitchen design - toronto, ontario, canada
Origami Lofts showroom sink - toronto, ontario, canada
Origami Lofts exterior design by Teeple Architects - toronto, ontario, canada

dkstudio architects inc. was appointed as the interior architect for the Origami Lofts, a seven-story condo in the transitional, rough and tumble Queen and Bathurst area of downtown Toronto. The interior design takes its cues from the Origami theme of the building: a black corrugated metal façade cascades on steep angles towards the streetscape below, punctuated by folded glass openings and bent metal plates.

The ambition of the kitchen design was to create a dynamic expression that would serve as an anchor throughout the 24 loft units that could be realistically built to the strict, developer cost driven parameters. The sharp, clean interiors of the lofts are punctuated by kitchen design, the highlight of the project. Traditionally orthogonal kitchen lines and surfaces are strategically bent, folded, and articulated with two-tone reflective lacquered panels with no compromise to function. The kitchen island is sculpted in the same manner to resemble a freestanding, life-sized work of origami. Containing a fully hidden storage cabinet in its weighty anchoring mass, the island narrows to a near sharp edge supported only by a folded paper-like leg that tapers towards the floor. Seemingly floating in front of the kitchen, the angular planes of the island create a foreground to the sculpted background kitchen behind. When seen in concert, these two elements create a continuous movement and play of lines and shapes back and forth across the kitchen work area.

Materials include white Corian counter tops for both the kitchen and the island, back painted glass backsplash panels, pre-finished engineered flooring, and a feature wall painted in black, low VOC chalk paint. Major appliances including the integrated fridge and dishwasher are Energy Star rated.

dkstudio also designed the main building lobby and public spaces. The design reflected the origami theme, tying in the exterior and interior in a seamless flow, folded inside and out, like a work of origami.

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