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Your Office After COVID-19: What Will it Look Like?

Covid-19 has changed the lives of individuals worldwide, both at home and at work. With a greater population of individuals working from home, this new normal forces architects re-think the future of office design.

In this article by Mackenzie Patterson, our CEO Dmytriy Pereklita shares his views on the major shifts in office design on the horizon after COVID - 19.

“I can definitely see some major shifts in office design coming,” he says. “For instance, for the past 20 or so years there’s been this theme of the democratization of the office, where everyone from the intern to the CEO is sitting together in one open space. I think that notion is going to be challenged because of the need for physical distancing. Everything is going to be redefined in terms of public workspaces and office sharing concepts.”

This shift however does not discourage Dmytriy's passion for office design; rather it challenges him to reimagine office design in light of the uncertain future affected by pandemic life; while also respecting client budgets. In Christopher Bates Studio for example, Dmytriy designed a studio space that is at once a showroom and an office, a creative studio and a fashion runway, a boutique and a warehouse within a tight budget and in a 1000 square foot. The design rethinks the nature of the shop and the studio/office at once in light of an uncertain future affected by pandemic life, which has prompted the complete reimagining of retail and workspace design.

Since the beginning of the pandemic dkstudio has also completed the China Constriction Bank.

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