prada the carlyle

location: vancouver, canada

client: prada

type: luxury retail

dkstudio architects inc. was appointed as the Executive Architect for this 8,000 sq. ft. store. It is located at one of the most prominent corners of Vancouver's Luxury Zone, at Alberni and Thurlow Streets. dkstudio coordinated the full set of construction drawings, obtained the permit for construction, and supervised the construction throughout.

The store includes new staircase, central atrium space, new customer elevator, 2 levels of shopping and 1 level of stock space in the basement. During construction, a full 2-storey hoarding was installed with an impressive Prada graphic. The existing building's façade was significantly modified to showcase Prada's new storefront concept. The corner of Alberni and Thurlow is forever transformed to be the most sought after real estate in the city.