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prada holt renfrew montreal bags & accessories

​client: prada
location: holt renfrew - montreal, quebec
type: luxury retail

Prada Montreal Bags facade
Pradad Montreal Bags and Accessories
Prada Holt Renfrew Montreal Bags and Accessories
Prada Montreal Bags and Accessories Vestibule

​dkstudio was hired as Executive Designer and Construction Manager for this 1,000 sq. ft. shop located on the ground floor of Holt Renfrew on 1300 Sherbrooke St W in Montreal, Quebec. The store features two large exterior display windows and a direct entry from the street.  


Execution of this store required careful and inventive coordination to realize Prada's global concept for the vestibule design in a cold climate. The stunning marble portals are made with honey-comb panels fabricated in Italy, with zero-tolerance in the stone, resulting in beautiful details expressing the highest quality of Prada luxury retail design.

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