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prada holt renfrew montreal ready-to-wear

​client: prada
location: holt renfrew - montreal, quebec
type: luxury retail

dkstudio was hired as both Executive Architect and Construction Manager for this 2,000 sq. ft. store inside of Holt Renfrew on 1300 Sherbrooke St W in Montreal, Quebec. Due to the meticulous nature of the millwork, our architect was stationed in Montreal for two months to coordinate construction with the millworker and project manager from Prada.

Many complex requirements were executed with extreme precision. Asymmetrically cut acrylic fins were used as a screen at the exterior storefront window on Holt Renfrew's façade. The ready-to-wear hang bar structure was completely fabricated out of acrylic and made to fit the stringent ceiling height.

Prada Holt Renfrew Montreal store entrance
Prada Holt Renfrew Sherbrooke St W Montreal
Prada Holt Renfrew Montreal Ready-to-wear store
Prada Holt Renfrew Montreal luxury retail store
Prada Holt Renfrew Montreal facade
Prada Holt Renfrew Montreal Sherbrooke St W
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