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prada seattle bravern

​client: prada
location: seattle, washington
type: luxury retail

​dkstudio was the Executive Designer for the construction of a new Prada store at The Shops at The Bravern in the Seattle metro area. The 5,000 sq. ft. store features 2 floors for sales and a commanding 3-storey façade. The store and façade were designed and constructed according to the latest energy code and seismic requirements. dkstudio also coordinated the design of a new opening through a pre-tensioned floor slab to allow a feature staircase to connect the two sales floors.

Prada Seattle Bravern architecture design
Prada Seattle Bravern store entrance
Prada Seattle Bravern storefront facade
Prada Seattle bravern entrance
Prada Seattle Bravern interior design
Prada The Shops Bravern Seattle
Prada Bravern Seattle.jpg
Prada Seattle Bravern Stairs
Prada Seattle Bravern womens
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