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saskatoon civic operations centre signage

client: city of saskatoon

location: saskatoon, canada

type: signage

dkstudio partnered with Forward Signs for the design and build of a comprehensive signage package for the City of Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre. The new campus includes a 450,000 square foot Transit Operations Facility as well as a Snow Management Facility which can hold as much snow as the equivalent volume of 400 Olympic swimming pools. Inspired by the prairies and its expansive sky, as well as the picturesque city with the South Saskatchewan River running diagonally through it, dkstudio designed a signage concept which provides a fresh identity for an innovative establishment. Dynamic blues, greens, and purple add vibrancy to the technically functional spaces and clarify the wayfinding system. Simple yet sophisticated curved shapes unify the signage design.

Saskatoon Transit Signage 57 Valley Road
Civic Operations Centre Signage
Civic Operations Centre Green Signage 57 Valley Road
Snow managaement facility purple signage 63 Valley Road
Saskatoon Civics Operation Centre interior directory
Saskatoon transit monitor
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